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What to Include in Your Wedding Stationary Suite

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dCipollo Designs - What to Include in Your Wedding Stationary Suite
dCipollo Designs – What to Include in Your Wedding Stationary Suite

What do you need to include in your wedding suite. Which pieces of the suite are standard and which are optional. This article is an overview of each piece in the wedding suite. Of course, there are no rules but this can be a starting point for planning your wedding suite.

Save the Date

Although not part of the wedding suite, this is usually the first piece to be sent to your friends and family. It announces the date of your wedding and is usually saved as a keepsake. It can come in many forms such as a flat card, magnet or coaster and is sent 6 – 8 months prior to the wedding.

Invitation Card

This is the most important piece of the wedding suite. It announces the name of the bride and groom and who is hosting the wedding for the bride and groom. This could be the brides’s parents, groom’s parents, the bride and groom themselves or a combination. Other information includes the date, time, location of the wedding and if there is a reception. It is usually sent at least 2 months prior to the wedding.

RSVP Response Card or Postcard

This card is usually sent along with the invitation and informs your guest of a reply by date. On the card, the guest should indicate if they are coming, the number of extra guests and meal preference. And don’t forget to stamped and addressed the postcard or the return envelope for the card.

Reception Card

This card includes the name and location of the reception and any other important information, such as a map. The card is either included with the invitation or sent separately. If sent separately, the design may be altered slightly from the invitation, such as a complimentary color.

Enclosure Card

This card contains important information about your wedding that wasn’t included on the other cards, such as guest accommodations, formal or informal dress or website information.

The invitation, enclosure, reception and response cards are all sent together. You will need a stamped and addressed return envelope for the response card. A nice idea is to wrap a colorful strip of paper, called a belly band, around the stack of cards. The stack is placed in an inner envelope and the inner envelope is placed inside the mailing envelope.

With the wedding invitation on the bottom, stack the cards in the order below or by size. All cards should be stacked with the print side up.

  • response card and envelope
  • reception card
  • enclosure card
  • wedding invitation

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